18 января 2018 г. с 11:00 до 12:30 в клубе Хеседа пройдет познавательно-развлекательная встреча “И. Дунаевский. С музыкой в сердце”.
21.01 в 10:00 в клубе Хеседа состоится интерактивное занятие, посвященное Международному дню памяти Холокоста «Шоа. Не забудем! Не простим!»
21.01 в 11:00 в каб. №19 пройдет тренинг для подростков в рамках проекта «Поверь в себя!»
21.01 в 11:00 в клубе Хеседа пройдет мастер-класс к празднику Ту би-Шват «Гранатовое дерево»
22.01.18 в 11:00 в клубе Хеседа состоится творческая встреча с почитателями таланта В. Высоцкого.
23 – 24 января в 11:00 пройдут интерактивные встречи “Человек – словно дерево полевое”. Место встречи – клуб Хеседа.
25 января в 11:00 к Международному дня памяти жертв Холокоста в клубе Хеседа состоится встреча-реквием “Дорога в небо. Я. Корчак”
31.01 в 11:00 в клубе Хеседа пройдет седер на празник Ту би Шват.

The Welfare Community Center «Hesed Shmuel» was founded in Kherson city in 2003 with the assistance of the United American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

The main purpose of our work is to provide assistance to the disadvantaged groups of Jewish people and members of their families regardless of their nationality on the territory of Kherson city and its suburbs, renewal of traditions and culture of the Jewish people, increase of Jewish consciousness. Our Hesed opens its doors to all those in need of help; to those willing to grow close to the traditions and culture of their nation and raise their children the Jewish way.

There are more than 15 programs giving different kind of support to the 1700 Hesed’s clients.

Social programs

  • Food Support programs
  • Medical programs
  • Home Care programs
  • Medical and Social Rehabilitation
  • Emergency Help program
  • Moked personal services


Cultural and educational programs

The notion of compassion, care and mutual help is deeply seated in Jewish tradition. Organization and principles of mutual help have always been a cornerstone of the Jewish culture.

Do not be indifferent!
Be charitable!

Just a thought that you are not alone with your trouble, that there is somebody thinking about you can save the life. With our joint efforts we can help those who need our aid – ill children, the disabled!


Our banking details:
Beneficiary: EBOC HESED SHMUEL ACC 2600402696061


Intermediary bank:
SWIFT code: CHASUS33 ACC № 400-124432
Details of Payment (requested designation): charitable donation for Kherson Jewish Welfare Community Center “Hesed Shmuel”